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The Wedding of
Alex & Natalie

Who Said that the colour Black doesn’t fit for a wedding? 


You think that Weddings concepts are all just about blooming flowers, pastel colours and princessy white dresses? Well..Alex and Natalie are here to prove you wrong! This must definitely be one of the most unique and alternative weddings that we ever got the chance to work on. And without a doubt, our favourite wedding of 2023!  The Wedding of Alex and Natalie took place in Nicosia at the end of October. The perfect timing for a Black Themed Wedding right?  Every single detail of that wedding was perfectly matched with the Spookiest season of the year. From the decoration, to the wedding rings, the dress and the wedding cake, everything was carefully chosen to create the perfect atmosphere for that special day. Alex & Natalie enjoyed every single moment as they were both smiling all day long. The atmosphere got super emotional at the ceremony, while the couple was exchanging their wedding vows. The words that they said to each other were so touching that even we ourselves got emotional at the end.  Our gorgeous bride Natalie looked stunning with the choices that she made for her wedding appearance. The black wedding dress made her look so good and beautiful while her dark make up and her piercings made her look so badass at the same time. The final touch came of course with her simple but elegant hairstyle with the green detail adding the final touch in her perfect look.  No more words are needed to describe this wedding. You know what they say...''A picture is worth a thousand words''...and we gave you plenty of photos. So take a look at the photos bellow and enjoy this alternative wedding! 

A huge thanks to Alex & Natalie for trusting us and for giving us the chance to work on such a unique wedding. 



Wedding Dress: JJ HOUSE



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