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''Every story needs a narrator to bring the tale to life.'' 


Our passion about the Cinematic storytelling, gives us the chance to film and artistically represent your special day in a cinematic nature. Some of your most beautiful moments bind together from different perspectives, with you as the protagonists. We keep an eye on every single detail and we provide a cinematic film by reflecting all your unique feelings. As we bring your special day to life, we enjoy seeing how you express your emotions and we cherish every moment that you trust us to be a part of.  Cinematography is an important part for every Wedding or Christening. It allows you to relieve that special day through an aesthetically pleasing film. It gives you the chance to share the movie of your special day with your loved ones for years to come. 

The Wedding of Alex & Natalie
Costas & Theodora - Wedding Video
Anna & Loris - Wedding Video
Alexandros & Christina - Wedding Video
Christos & Anastasia - Wedding Video
Christos & Evdokia - Wedding Video
Christina & Marios - Wedding Video
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